Klone | I Remember My Human Form

03/09/2021 - 16/10/2021

I Remember My Human Form brings together works that range in size, date, and technique into a single multi-dimensional installation. The spectator will find themselves walking through a crooked narrative, like a quilt that tells the story of a nomad, it encompasses episodic scenes that paradoxically maintain the form of the whole. Carpets, tools, skulls, wooden sculptures, notes, videos that serve as memory capsules alongside paintings make up the body of the exhibition. The through lines of the variant works is the impression that everything could be disassembled easily, packed, and carried into distances; a reflection of a nomadic state of mind that has no beginning or end, only a present state of recollection. In a kind of archival fever, the documentary turns surreal under the currents of humans’ currents of overloaded information. What remains is evidence, often out of context, like the archaic body holding its weight against the passage of time- at least for now.



Mika Bar-on Nesher

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