Shay Kun | Tears in Rain

05/01/2023 - 04/02/2023

Shay Kun | Tears in Rain

05.01.23 – 04.02.23

Opening Reception: Thursday, 05.01.2023 19:00- 22:00

“This current journey is coming to an end, and I can’t resist the urge to unfold a series of works that document those inner visions. The story is about a man attempting to get focused on his life and deal with a more significant issue of understanding that the cycle of life and death does not exist anymore as he knows it; it’s just a 24 hours window to come in and get out. Fear leads people to prepare themselves for a catastrophic event; I can assure you it’s too late regardless.”

A quote from a conversation between Arik Miranda and Shay Kun


Apocalypse is the ancient title for the final book of the New Testament, usually translated into English as The Book of Revelation. The word evokes moral chaos, the breakdown of civilization, the wrath of the Almighty, vast destruction, and a moment of transcendence from a final historical epoch to eternal bliss or damnation. These powerful Judeo – Christian biblical associations – Armageddon, the End of Time, and a Final Judgment upon worldly life – survive with uncanny appeal in the modern secular vocabulary of metaphors for upheaval and disaster.

In the last few years, while the world was at a standstill, he found himself isolated from his studio work and filled up his time watching and reminiscing on his favorite films, books, etc. Always been influenced and interested in observing the relationship between art and other creative media and the past and current crises in all sectors of our lives; we are still experiencing gas, war, disease, famine, etc.

These obsessions permeated and reached an exciting and challenging place in his recent body of work regarding the focal point, the most critical point in painting practice, the point of the horizon, which is an unmapped territory in his approach. A place that is almost like a beam of light in many ways, literally and physically.

A hallo of light bursting, like in the staircase piece, the cockroach is all that will be left after a nuclear disaster; the artificial sun reflects on a transition period and a performative situation. Other works like the prehistoric images in circular formats, Blade Runner, Fight Club, and walking Dead pinnacle scenes – point to the first and last person on earth returning to the essential primitive point of making art. Where are we heading? He asks the question that constantly surfaces about high and low art, classic versus contemporary, and the comical and existential paradox.

Arik Miranda

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