Yakira Ament | Song of the Snake

08/06/2023 - 26/08/2023


Yakira Ament : Song of the Snake

08.06.23 – 26.08.23

Curator: Yael Katz Ben Shalom


A series of bronze sculptures and red chalk and charcoal paintings on canvas convey a sense of
encounter between reality, imagination and fantasy. Through the intertwined body and nature
with eroticism and the existential threat.
In Ament’s works, exploring the state of the unknown appears as an artistic practice in search of
inner agencies of knowledge.
A journey into abstract worlds through concrete images where the actions associated with the
body create a link between them.
The objects twist towards the viewer, as if intertwined and charged with an energy, seeking for a
pathway- for change.
Through actions and messages, the feminine body emerges into transformative potential with the
intention of realizing a prediction.



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